Hire Media Outreach Services to Eliminate These 5 Common PR Mistakes

Mistakes are common in public relations, whether you’re doing it on your own or hiring a PR firm for media outreach. These errors are the ones causing them not to land publicity.

Most often, doing the campaign on their own, instead of hiring media outreach services can lead to many problems that can pile up time and again. Avoid these PR mistakes to improve your campaign’s result.

Mistake # 1: Delegating interviews and other content to less experienced staff.

Sure, delegating tasks to your subordinates is one good practice in a company. However, it’s a big mistake in public relations. One thing that you need to remember is that the media wants to hear the story from the top executives.

You can’t send your junior for a press interview. It’s a no-brainer. They want to hear it straight from the CEO or president of the company. They know how your company battled all the trials and survive in the business, not the subordinates.

There are exemptions in some cases. In urgent occasions, you may send the next important person in your company if the head isn’t available. Notify them that someone is replacing the head of your firm for the interview.

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Mistake # 2: Not giving importance to the media’s request.

Your PR professional pitched to a top journalist. In less than five days, you got a response of a possible coverage. The initial thought kicked in, instead of asking them what information they need, you went on with your own strategy.

In media relations, you need to give more than receive. Give reporters what they need, instead of your own needs. Usually, when a media responded after a pitch, they may ask for added images, a video, stats or an interview that they may use as quotations for the story.

Not being keen with their needs may actually lead to no publicity instead of getting one. What’s worse, you may never get any publicity offer again in the future.

Mistake # 3: No media training.

A lot of marketers and business executives have turned down a media training, thinking that they don’t need to train because they know their craft well. This is one mistake of marketers that is hindering them from landing a publicity.

PR professionals are in charge of giving media trainings that would make you a good conversationalist on the radio or on TV interviews, or for you to create good quotes that reporters can use. If you’re not taking this as an important matter, you may end up missing a big media opportunity.

It’s important that brand executives know the rules in engaging with the media. For instance, creating bad quotes can lead to a missed media coverage. It’s important to avoid blunders when interacting with the press.

Mistake # 4: You are offering an infomercial.

After pitching story angles for a long time, you received a possible media coverage from a local newspaper. This is your chance to shine.

You started crafting your press release. However, you missed an important point that shouldn’t be. You wrote a piece that looks like you’re hard selling.

Avoid the mistake of writing a content that looks like you’re  advertising, rather than you’re educating or solving a particular problem that your target audience may have. Keep in mind that the newswire media outreach services don’t care about what your brand or products. If you can’t provide benefits for the audience, they aren’t going to write about you.

Mistake # 5: Treating the media right.

If you get the chance to land an interview with the press, you should remember that they are doing you a big favor. Don’t try to control them by telling them what questions to ask you, how long the interview would last, or how they would change some lines in the quotes.

They are not your staff. Treat them right. Journalists can ask any questions to you, so be prepared to answer. Make an advance study of the possible questions that they may ask.

Try to avoid these media outreach mistakes to increase media coverage. Focus on the right strategies and learn the best practices, Or you can check newswire media outreach services : https://newswire.com/features/outreach