A Review Of Online Voting

We will probably not be voting for the president online anytime shortly because there are a lot of misrepresentation and illegal voting occurrences that could become issues. Such an important election will require some high-tech equipment to be successful. Although a voting online system for the president will probably not happen soon, there are a lot of elections that require voting online.

Why TV Shows Rely On Online Voting

A lot of TV shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol require using phones to get the votes from national audiences or voting online. These shows cannot go around and collect pieces of paper or set up voting booths everywhere in the country to allow their viewers to vote. Even if they could do that, voter turnout for these shows would probably decrease significantly because of the hassle involved in voting.

At first, these programs used a voting system that required users to call in. As users got annoyed with this system and no longer wanted to call in and some users took advantage and called in repeatedly to make sure a participant got as many tallies as possible, audience participation shows needed to determine a new way to collect votes. These shows first turned to texting to keep track of how many times someone was voting. Eventually, however, people who did not want to or did not know how to text (a lot of senior citizens) argued against this voting method. Now, these shows have advanced their voting systems so that they not only accept votes through texts, but they also allow you to vote online for your favorite contestant or contestants.

Who else needs online voting?

Online voting is useful for situations in which people have an identification username or code that could allow them to vote once and only once and that would also prevent someone else from voting for them. This could be useful in an office environment, as secure voting for schools, in which students have student ID codes, or within a fraternity or club.

You might be thinking that people could just use social security numbers to vote online for a presidential election. This isn’t a bad idea, but, unfortunately, that may give added incentive for more people to try to learn and take advantage of social security numbers of US citizens. Surely we will figure out a way to vote online one day, but unfortunately, it will not happen for some time.

Facing a Drug Related DWI Arrest

When you think of a DUI or a DWI, what do you think I am sure that you imagine someone drinking alcohol, then getting in their car to drive even though they are visually and mentally impaired by the effects of the alcohol. While most of the DWI arrests are alcohol related, there are some people who face a drug related DWI arrest every year. You should always remember that just because you do not hear about something happening, that does not mean it does not happen. It just means that reporters did not decide it was worth reporting on. Although we usually only hear about alcohol-related DWIs and DUIs, we do occasionally hear about drug-related DWIs when a celebrity is involved. In case you find yourself being pulled over for a DWI related to drugs, we decided to give you some information about what to do during and after the arrest.

Remain calm during the arrest

Just like a DWI arrest for driving while drunk, you should remain calm and collected during the arrest. Do not go crazy, curse at the police officer hit the police officer, or do anything else illegal. Instead, stay calm, act normal, and follow the directions of the officer. The more cooperative you are during your drug-related DWI arrest, the better your chances of being acquitted are.

Seek help after the arrest

Once you spend your night in jail after being arrested for a DWI, you will need to look for help from a DWI attorney. We are lucky because, in the modern world, it is very easy to find a reputable DWI attorney within minutes of searching. All you have to do it opens your iPhone, search for DWI attorneys near you, and just like that, you will have at least ten options to choose from.

Some people think that it is not worth it to hire a DWI lawyer to help you with your case because you end up spending a ton of money just to get the same results you would have without the lawyer. Well, you are wrong about that. A lawyer is an important part of your case, especially if it is a drug related case rather than an alcohol-related case. With alcohol, there are a lot of measurement tools that are established as being correct and reliable. With drugs, however, it is very difficult for a police officer to prove that the defendant was, in fact, high on drugs when he was pulled over. Unless the police officer has a photo of you smoking a joint while driving down the road, then there is room for a lawyer’s defense case. You may think that you can handle defending yourself, but unless you know the proper terminology, legal processes, and laws associated with your case, we suggest you hire a DWI lawyer and let him take it from there.

Crimes In The Stock Exchange

The stock market can be challenging to navigate for those without substantial experience in the stock exchange. All investors, but particularly beginners, can misinterpret investment opportunities. They can be misled by brokers who provide false information relating to an investment. In situations like these, where the client is purposefully misinformed, the stockbroker is committing a form of securities fraud- also known as investment fraud.

What Is Securities Fraud?

Securities fraud is a term that incorporates a wide range of crimes relating to exchange in the stock market. An example would be manipulating the market to provide a fake outcome or a broker embezzling from their client. If you’ve been the victim of any such crime, then a securities fraud attorney is the most specialized form of legal representation that can assist you. They will help you seek either compensation or further legal action.


A securities fraud attorney can help you take legal action against any investment firm that you feel is responsible for committing fraud against you. They can do so by seeking both settlements and decisions that often result in monetary compensation. Compensations can range from a sum that covers the initial investment loss, to a value that includes the initial investment. Plus any legal fees associated with it. In some cases, victims may be authorized to receive not only a settlement that includes initial losses and associated fees. But also, an excess for any further grievances caused. A securities fraud attorney can help you attain this through a tactful but targeted course of action. First by establishing the strength of your case and then by planning accordingly.vernon 2

If you feel you may have a case, but are not aware of your rights as a shareholder, then a securities fraud attorney can also help you. They will establish the legality of your stockbroker’s actions. As the stock exchange is a business with often unclear regulations, an investment attorney can help its clients interpret laws and understand how and what protects their investments. This is particularly useful if you feel you lost your money unjustly, but have no way of knowing whether the loss was as a result of the market or a wrongdoing by your stockbroker.

Most securities fraud attorneys can also offer consultations to help establish the fees and projected timescale of any case you plan on pursuing. This can be helpful in ascertaining whether your loss is large enough to justify pursuing legal action, or if your initial investment was less than the fees involved in a legal case.

The Benefits Of Cell Tower Leasing

Cell tower leasing can benefit landowners in a number of ways; as not only can it provide a profitable financial investment, but it can also add value to properties, and generate long-term income for both companies and individuals.

One benefit of cell tower leasing is that it can provide either a family or a company with a source of “passive income”. Passive income is a term used to define a source of income that requires little effort or management, and cell tower leases typically do not necessitate either. Once construction is completed, landowners are not required to maintain or oversee the tower. They simply lease their land to a cell phone company, who assumes all physical responsibilities.

A second benefit of cell tower leasing is that cell towers are no longer installed exclusicellular-tower-28883_640vely on plots of empty land. Owners of tall buildings, located in highly populated residential or commercial areas, are viable candidates for cell tower leasing. In fact, installing an antenna on a preexisting building can generate more money for property owners, as it eliminates the added expense of building a tower.

Cell tower leasing can also benefit landowners, as it usually does not require owners to invest any capital. Most cell companies will not require an initial payout from the property owner, which means that the investment is safe and relatively simple. This can benefit new landowners, in particular, as they typically lack experience in property management or leasing, which can make other more complex leases less feasible.

Colocation is another benefit of cell tower leasing. Colocation also referred to as “collocation” or “co-location”, is when a single cell tower is used by multiple cell companies- in particular, wireless providers. Landowners who qualify for collocation can significantly increase their revenue by leasing their land or existing tower to various cell phone companies. This means that instead of receiving one source of passive income, landowners can receive two or three.

If individuals own property in a particularly profitable location, then they can also benefit from lease competition. If their land is located in a residential or commercial zone and has little to no frequency interference, then it may be in particularly high demand from cell phone providers. Not only does this mean that landowners have the option of colocation, but all that they can use this competition as a means to negotiate higher rental rates. Higher rental rates, in turn, would create a more substantial income that can benefit owners financially.

A Few Tips For Proper Golf Etiquette

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and is certainly one of the preferred sports of business people, email marketers and gentlemen. However, when it comes to playing golf, there are certain rules and etiquette you should follow. Below, we will be looking at a few of these. However, before improving your etiquette, you must improve your swing. Check out the best golf training aid before practicing your etiquette on the course.
The first tip is that you should strive never to be the slowest player. Many people unknowingly commit this faux pas in an attempt to make their best play. However, this is poor etiquette, and you should always strive to evaluate your pace, especially in comparison to your colleagues or fellow players. Some things to remember are that you should focus on playing ready golf. Meaning, you should hit the ball when ready even when you’re not away. That is until you hit the green, and then you should always be prepared to play when your turn is up. Also, when it is your turn to search for the golf ball, it is best to keep your searching time under 5 minutes.

Next, you should always aim to keep your temper or anger in check. Golf can be frustrating at times, and you might be tempted to express your anger by throwing your club or hitting something. However, it is essential that you avoid doing so because it will make everyone around you uncomfortable and is not appropriate. Instead, you should channel your anger or frustration into the game and allow it to steady your focus and determination to win.
The next tip when playing golf is that you should always try to be quiet and respectful of other players, especially when they are up. When it is another player’s turn to play, you should always try to be as quiet and motionless as possible. This should be from the moment that the player sets himself up till after the ball has left the club. It is essential that you don’t walk in anyone’s line of play or especially anywhere near the hole. You should keep mental note of where everyone’s ball is located and avoid those locations as much as possible.
Next, we will look at golf cart etiquette. When playing golf, you and your fellow players will need to use your golf carts. However, when doing so, you should always strive to ensure that your cart is almost invisible and doesn’t leave much or any traces of its existence. This means that you should avoid driving it in wet spots or areas that are obviously high traffic. You should also avoid driving your cart behind other carts in a follow the leader style, but simply scatter so that everyone takes a different route. This will allow the cart traffic to be more spread out which is much better than being congested in one area.
We’ve just looked at some of the most important rules to consider for good golf etiquette. Once you follow these rules, I am certain that you will have a much more enjoyable game of golf, both for you and your fellow golfers.