A Review Of Online Voting

We will probably not be voting for the president online anytime shortly because there are a lot of misrepresentation and illegal voting occurrences that could become issues. Such an important election will require some high-tech equipment to be successful. Although a voting online system for the president will probably not happen soon, there are a lot of elections that require voting online.

Why TV Shows Rely On Online Voting

A lot of TV shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol require using phones to get the votes from national audiences or voting online. These shows cannot go around and collect pieces of paper or set up voting booths everywhere in the country to allow their viewers to vote. Even if they could do that, voter turnout for these shows would probably decrease significantly because of the hassle involved in voting.

At first, these programs used a voting system that required users to call in. As users got annoyed with this system and no longer wanted to call in and some users took advantage and called in repeatedly to make sure a participant got as many tallies as possible, audience participation shows needed to determine a new way to collect votes. These shows first turned to texting to keep track of how many times someone was voting. Eventually, however, people who did not want to or did not know how to text (a lot of senior citizens) argued against this voting method. Now, these shows have advanced their voting systems so that they not only accept votes through texts, but they also allow you to vote online for your favorite contestant or contestants.

Who else needs online voting?

Online voting is useful for situations in which people have an identification username or code that could allow them to vote once and only once and that would also prevent someone else from voting for them. This could be useful in an office environment, as secure voting for schools, in which students have student ID codes, or within a fraternity or club.

You might be thinking that people could just use social security numbers to vote online for a presidential election. This isn’t a bad idea, but, unfortunately, that may give added incentive for more people to try to learn and take advantage of social security numbers of US citizens. Surely we will figure out a way to vote online one day, but unfortunately, it will not happen for some time.